Mating Disruption Control for the Oriental Fruit Moth

SPLAT OFM overstimulates males with a sex pheromone to disrupt the mating cycle, deterring males from mating with female moths. To provide the best results we recommend you monitor your populations of Grapholita molesta. Our product should be used before moth flight migration to help deter mating activity.

Pests Targeted

Scientific Name
Grapholita molesta

Common Name
Oriental fruit moth

Pest Description

Oriental Fruit Moth is a pest of great concern to farmers who grow stone fruit. The larvae in particular cause the most damage as they bore into the fruit.  Damage occurs to stone fruit within the third and fourth generation of larvae.

Primary Crops Affected

Peach and nectarine. Oriental Fruit Moth has also been known to attack quince, apricot, apple, plum, cherry, pear, rose and flowering cherry.

SPLAT OFM Benefits

Eliminates Resistance
Safer for the Environment
Safer for Humans & Pets
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