Next Generation Insect Control®

Safe for Humans, Pets & the Environment • Sustainable • Easy to Use

ISCA meets the growing consumer demand for safe products with the most effective pest control solutions available in agriculture.

Mating Disruption

Collapse target insect populations by using pheromones to disrupt their reproductive cycle.

Attract & Kill

Control pest populations using a hybrid approach.

The ISCA difference


Our advanced Integrated Pest Management solutions have proven to be as or more effective than conventional pesticides.


We provide a cost-effective approach with long-lasting formulas and mechanized application techniques.


Semiochemical-based technologies leave a smaller global footprint and increase the safety of our food supply.

Integrated Pest Management for Sustainable Agriculture

Are you a distributor, supplier or grower of agricultural products? Contact us to learn how our integrated pest management solutions can help protect your crops from pests—without harming the planet.