Insect Repellents: Mimicking Nature To Ward Off Pests Safely

ISCA provides a safer, proactive approach for protecting crops, forests and urban areas.
Using insect repellents to drive away pests before they attack is a smart plan of action. However, many traditional repellents contain harmful chemicals. ISCA provides a line of environmentally friendly insect repellents.

How Do Natural Insect Repellents Work?

In nature, insects rely on the semiochemical cues of trees and plants to determine whether the plant will make a viable host or not. These semiochemicals provide a wealth of information that modulates the behavior of insects—including which trees and plants to avoid. ISCA utilizes these same semiochemicals to repel insect pests.

Benefits of Natural Insect Repellents

Targeted action

Our insect repellents target only the insects causing damage to your crops or forests, leaving beneficial insects and wildlife unharmed.

Natural efficacy

By mimicking systems already found in nature, we can manage pest populations in the most effective and efficient manner.

Safer for humans, pets & the environment

Our insect repellents are not known to harm humans, pets, wildlife, or the environment.

The ISCA Difference: Mechanized Application

As the foremost innovator in the field, ISCA manufactures the only mating disruption solutions in the market that can be applied both manually and mechanically. This makes our SPLAT line of mating disruption products easier to use and less expensive than all other conventional mating disruption products in the market that require manual application.

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