Integrated Pest Management Strategies for the Planet

Regulators and produce customers are increasingly demanding  safer and more sustainable alternatives for pest control.  As a distributor or grower, can you meet this market need?

ISCA offers more than 300 integrated pest management solutions designed to protect crops from harmful insects while protecting the planet with the safest technologies available.

Mating Disruption

Our mating disruption products allow growers to collapse target insect populations by shutting down the reproductive cycle. Using advanced semiochemical pheromone solutions, we effectively prevent insects from mating and protect crops without using a single drop of pesticide.

Attract & Kill

Attract & Kill products control pest populations using a hybrid approach: semiochemicals attract insects while tiny amounts of pesticide eradicate them. These products contact only a small portion of the crop, eliminating the need for blanket spraying and reducing our environmental impact.


Our attractants utilize safe semiochemicals to lure insect pests into traps or beneficial insects to crops. By mimicking insect attraction systems found in nature, we create sustainable technologies to manage insect behavior.


ISCA repellents deter pests with environmentally-friendly solutions that mimic nature and eliminate the need for blanket spraying of pesticides. We use nature as a guide to create semiochemical solutions that repel pests from crops and forests without affecting non-target species or wildlife.


Monitoring tools allow growers to gain a better understanding of pest activity—such as which species are affecting crops and when they are most likely to attack. Proactive analysis gives us the knowledge needed to make smarter choices regarding pest control solutions.

Vector Control

Vectors—insects that transmit disease to humans—are a threat that can wreak havoc on everything from tourism to home values to enjoying the outdoors. Our vector control solutions protect urban, suburban and rural areas from disease-carrying insects like mosquitoes and ticks in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

ISCA Harnesses the Power of Semiochemicals to Change Insect Behavior
What Are Semiochemicals?

Semiochemicals are pheromones and other naturally-occurring compounds that plants and animals emit to affect the behavior of other organisms. Through millions of years of evolution, insects developed semiochemicals they rely on to survive and procreate. Semiochemicals tell them who to mate with, which plants to attack, and which plants to avoid. By tapping the power of semiochemicals, ISCA manipulates the behavior of damaging insects by tricking them into doing what we want them to do.  Most notably, we can prevent them from mating to keep their numbers low, repel them away from crops, or attract them to killing agents place away from the fruit or other edible parts of crop plants.

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Integrated Pest Management for Sustainable Agriculture

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