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November 30, 2020

Drone applications of ISCA’s insect mating disruption innovation covered in Argentinian press

The Argentinian daily newspaper Los Andes has picked up on an important story about an ISCA, Inc. innovation that protects vineyards from the highly damaging grapevine moth, known scientifically as Lobesia botrana. For the first time, the Institute of Agricultural Health and Quality in Argentina (ISCAMEN) is using precision drones to apply ISCA’s SPLAT Lobesia […]

November 16, 2020

ISCA’s collaboration with Brazilian ag giant covered in prominent business journal

ISCA, Inc.’s collaboration with the world’s largest private soybean grower is the talk of Brazil’s business community. The partnership between ISCA and the Brazilian agriculture giant Bom Futuro received significant coverage in Valor Econômico, a leading business news journal in Brazil. The article explains how ISCA’s subsidiary in Brazil,  ISCA Tecnologias, Inc., and Bom Futuro have […]